Organisational Maintenance


  • Human Resource Policies & Procedures -how do you manage your employees on a daily basis, do you have the correct policies for your business to ensure you are compliant, fair and when needed can act appropriately as a business.
  • Do you have a Remuneration Strategy – how do you pay your employees hourly, monthly? Do your employees leave you because “you don’t pay enough”? CDI HR defines your remuneration policy, compare your salaries to market and your industry that you operate within.
  • Do all of your employees have job profile? Do they know what is expected of them?
  • Your Business has a Vision, Mission, Strategy & Targets to achieve – how do you ensure that your workforce aligns to this, ensuring that your business meets daily requirements. Let CDI HR Consulting develop a performance management process where you employee’s daily activities are translated into your business goals, a system that is easily manageable.
  • How is your Business structured, can you structure your business differently and achieve better results, let CDI HR Consulting redesign your business, assess the skill of your workforce and gear your business to achieve better results.